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Monday, June 1, 2009

Major site redesign

Well that sure took some doing. I'll update this post with details later. Must rest now.

[UPDATE 6/4/09]

Not including sporadic planning, I worked two days straight to get my new site layout up and running. It took a lot of OCD-style pixel counting and frustrating CSS tweaks, but in the end I'm glad I did it and intend to stick with this one for a while.

What's changed:

  • Everything is integrated more cleanly in a single block. No more random floating things on the sides!
  • The color scheme is now more vibrant. It may even improve your mood.
  • I moved the main navigation from the left sidebar to the top.
  • I removed the archive links from the main navigation, to keep things simple. Links to the archives are already available in the comic and blog navigation, plus...
  • I added a set of footer links to each page, for mindblowing convenience.
  • The comic and blog pages now include a list of the most recent strips and blog posts, so you can quickly see what's been added since your last visit.
  • I split up the About and Contact pages. Combined they were just a big wall of text.
  • The ads are now isolated in iframes, meaning no matter how long the javascript takes to run, the rest of the page will load right away. Yes, I am just that considerate.

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