I Love Stupid: the only sarcastic humor comic ever
  • portrait of Rob


    Software engineer

    Rob views all the world with a calm, logical and sarcastic mind. He spends a lot of time reading, surfing the Web, drawing, painting, and working on his own Webcomic. Always busy with such pursuits, he doesn't get out much.

  • portrait of Tim


    Marketing consultant

    Tim is Rob's best friend, equally sharp and sarcastic, but with a more sociable, upbeat personality. He likes going out to do all kinds of new things, and is a member of a hip hop dance team. He often seems to be snacking on something.

  • portrait of Ned


    Financial advisor

    Ned is the dark nerd opposite Rob's light nerd: unencumbered by morals or sympathy, he gladly uses his intellect for personal gain. He tends to be competitive and critical of others. He is a poker hustler on the side.

  • portrait of Lyn


    Advice columnist

    Lyn is a smart and sassy young lady, able to joke around with the guys but also sweet at heart. She's great at offering others guidance but sometimes has trouble following her own advice, particularly in romance. She enjoys cooking and photography.

  • portrait of Dan


    In-home knife salesman

    Dan is a laid-back guy with an unpredictable mind: You never know what he might say next in a conversation. He's the outdoorsy type, enjoying hiking, camping, and snowboarding. He also plays acoustic guitar and is a footbag enthusiast.

  • portrait of Syd



    Syd is simple, carefree and fun-loving, never one to think too hard about anything. She loves being around and helping people, so she volunteers in her local community. She likes shopping, going out with friends, and all things small and cute.

  • portrait of Stu


    Club DJ

    Stu is the resident hip hop head. Though usually blunt and dull-witted, he can summon clever rhymes for randomly-inspired freestyles. He also makes his own beats and is an aspiring producer. He tends to overuse hip hop slang.

  • portrait of Rex



    Rex is all about sporty cars and driving. All his time and money go into his car, whether for upgrades, maintenance or speeding tickets. He also enjoys playing basketball, but he's a chucker.

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