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Monday, February 18, 2008

Suggestion box

Tim: Hm... maybe you should team up with a writer.
Rob: I've considered that option.
Tim: Wise.
Rob: It's pretty common, and would save me time.  I could focus more on the artwork.

Tim: Oh speaking of which... you should find someone to draw for you too.  Wipe out all the weak links in one fell swoop!
Rob: ...

Rob: Yes... SOLID ADVICE.  In fact, let me just grab my notebook... hate to forget... valued input... good friend...

notes: nerd warrior chest
notes: tonfa, not worst-drawn gun ever

This strip is based on feedback I got from a friend of mine. He said he saw the second strip's punchline coming a mile away (I couldn't agree more), and that I need to get a writer (he will suffer for such insults).

I definitely need to cut down and funny up the dialogue. Drawings, too. Maybe I could have saved that strip with more interesting visuals. I can see why so many comic strips stick to three or four-panel schemes. They're quick, simple, and enforce brevity. By simple I don't mean they're easy--it takes talent to write and draw a funny strip in such little space. It may be fun to experiment with styles and layouts once in a while, but I need to remember my main goal is to make people laugh. It was fun drawing some new poses, props, and a little taste of the super-deformed/chibi style. I think that's why I'd never be satisfied with copying the same talking heads in every strip. If I laugh during the creative process that's how I'll know I'm doing something right.

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