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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The holiday spirit

Rob: Christmas Eve.  Here goes.  So... I didn't get anyone presents this year.  These days we all tend to buy what we want as soon as we want it, so it's hard to pick gifts.  Plus we already have so much stuff I feel like extra money should go to worthy charities.  Giving to those who actually need it...
Rob: But more to the point, I'm glad we could all get together like this.  This is what the holiday season is really about, right?  Spending some time with the people you care about, and might not have seen much of throughout the year.  So let's relax, enjoy some hot cider, egg nog, and the company of friends.

Ned: So... you're saying you're cheap.  Got it.
Stu: (zzzzzz)
Tim: Nice.  This is why I always get you something I'd want too.
Dan: No worries, bro.  We've all been broke before.
Rob: Well I'm glad we all agree.  I need new friends.
notes: paper bag style
notes: newspaper style
notes: obvious dvd
notes: gift card
notes: cash!
notes: nog is weird

Due to the obligatory holiday strips we'll have a short break from our examination of Akuma.

This strip may look familiar to some of you. Déjà vu is a common experience and nothing to concern yourself with or investigate. It just means there's a glitch in the matrix. Eat your steak and enjoy the harp.

If I just sit and think it's usually hard to come up with gift ideas for friends, besides the ever-popular gift card or envelope-o-cash. But then when I make that rare trip to the mall, bursting with its consumer spending potential, something tends to make its appropriateness known before long. I still think the serious gift-giving is only important for the kids, but when you find something just right for someone it's fun to wrap and deliver.

Egg nog was actually a special holiday treat when I was growing up. Since it was so sweet, and presumably unhealthy, we would mix it with milk for a tasty, somewhat-nutritious blend. Try it, or not. Also recommended: replace the nog with Bailey's.

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