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Monday, January 5, 2009

Crappy new year

Tim: Happy N Y, man.  How was your eve?
Dan: Pretty rough, bro.  Traumatic, even.

Dan: Let's just say my rear out hole's still on recover.
Tim: Uh...
Dan: You guessed it.
Tim: REALLY hope I didn't.

Dan: All sorts of turmoil in my anals.  And my rectals.  Yeah, I got food poisoned.
notes: so much for let's just say

Tim: You should probably start with that next time...
Tim: Or NEVER tell that tale again.

Now that's just crass. I'm not big into shock humor or dirty jokes, so I'm not super-proud of this one. And the title... really? How old am I?

I did it simply because it's true.

I got sick from food poisoning New Year's Eve at about 10 PM. My digestive system reversed direction on me, I went to bed with chills, and was asleep during the year switch. The first day of the year I took more "number two" trips to the bathroom than I will this whole week. Sometimes this comic will serve as a record of my personal experiences. Let us hope not too many are toilet-based.

I was on a sightseeing/hiking trip in Death Valley immediately beforehand, and I'm pretty sure that's what got me ill. Therefore Dan the outdoor man is the unlucky victim of my intestinal anecdote.

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