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Monday, January 12, 2009

Lady and the stamp

Tim: Your comic's a year old already.  Is your cast gonna include any girls?
Rob: Well, they say write what you know...

Rob: ... and I don't know any good girls.
Lyn: I would take offense at that remark...

Lyn: But I guess you don't REALLY know me...
Lyn: No one does.
notes: (EMO stamp)
Rob: Relax Lyn, I meant girls who'd be right for my comic.
Tim: You know, funny or pretty or ...

There is, in fact, a girl among the core cast. About a year into the strip, this is her first appearance. Her name is Lyn.

No, I'm not following some sexist stereotype that she's always emotional and melodramatic.* The gag sprouted more from the old "write what you know" suggestion. There's probably more to her than solo hugs in the dark.

* But, sometimes...

Also, for this strip I came up with an "emo" stamp, which may or may not appear again in the future.

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