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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The questionable Evolution of Dragon Ball, pt. 1

Rob: Some say casting a white actor as Goku is unfaithful and even racist.
Rob: Goku isn't Asian.  He's ALIEN.  Since total accuracy would look RIDICULOUS, light skin and dark spiky hair are about the best we should hope for.

Rob: The REAL disappointing departure was the casting for Master Roshi...
Master Roshi: WHAT?!  The BULLETPROOF MONK GUY is supposed to be ME?!!
Chow Yun Fat: What can I say?  I've been typecast as a MASTER.
Chow Yun Fat: Of EVERYTHING.
notes: chow yun fat dressed for bed

Maybe they could've gone a little longer with the spikes. But it's physically impossible to model Goku's hair, because it's 2-D video game style: it changes every time he looks in a different direction. That's where the CG artists come in, model fake hair for a bad movie based on a cartoon, and question their choices in life.

Those familiar with Dragon Ball (for whom this strip may actually make sense) may be wondering why I drew Goku in Akira Toriyama's earlier/softer style. Although I prefer the later everyone's-made-of-straight-lines evolution, I thought it'd be appropriate to use the material the movie seems to be based on, namely the story where Piccolo is the primary adversary.

I haven't seen the movie. But if and when they throw in the Super Saiyan factor, do you really want to see an Asian guy with blond hair? Your head would explode. Or maybe you'd fall in love; I don't know what your thing is.

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