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Monday, July 20, 2009

The danger of good posture

Lyn: If you slouch with your head down you look unconfident.  You should stand tall with your head high, as if you had pride.

Rob: (stands straight with head up)

assassin: (sneaks up behind Rob)

assassin: (about to choke Rob)
ninja: (dashes in, cuts Rob's head off with sword)
notes: still looking confident

Rob: (explaining how he'd be surprise-attacked)
notes: emo assassin

I can't be the only person worried about this.

I know body language counts for a lot, but when you grew up watching a multitude of martial arts movies, exposing your neck feels like inviting a lethal blow. You never know when someone's gonna pop up from behind a wall and shoot blowdarts at your jugular.

So, while this gag may seem random and silly, it is in fact based on reality. In the words of Mitch Hedberg , "That's ridiculous, but it's true."

The happy ninja in the last panel reminds me of Bomberman. I bet a ninja twist on that game would be a hit.

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