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Monday, August 3, 2009

Changing jobs in a rough economy

Tim: You're gonna move to a startup?
Rob: Yeah, I think it's about time.
notes: rob have you lost weight

Tim: From your stable job at a big company.
Rob: Right.
notes: hold that pose for me
notes: and where are your arms going

Tim: In this economy, fraught with precariousness.
Rob: ... Uh huh.
notes: nice

Tim: So you're saying you're super-logical about every decision except the ones that really matter.
Rob: Yes.  Yes, apparently that is what I am saying.
notes: aw
notes: glad we understand each other

Based on a true story. In a world shaken by recession and unemployment, I decided to take the leap from a safe and comfortable job to a startup company. The decision was not easy, and it is easy to see all the ways it doesn't make any sense... but sometimes you just have to do things.

Whatever happens, at least I got a few comic ideas out of it.

I went kinda loose cannon with the random side notes on this one, mostly making fun of my own art and repetition thereof. It may easily make sense to no one. Future Me included.

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