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Monday, February 8, 2010

The obligatory iPad comic

Lyn: Oooooh I want an iPad!
Rob: Sure, it's new and all abuzz.  Everyone definitely needs one.
notes: looking at ipad on laptop, not using ipad
notes: poorly thought out drawing

Lyn: Hey, I was already considering a Kindle for reading. I might as well get the other features too.
Rob: And "it's pretty."
Lyn: Sooooo pretty.

notes: Later...
Rob: So, tearing through the books on your iPad?
Lyn: I wish, but lately I've just been too busy to read.
notes: you can join my book club
notes: be member number two

Rob: I suppose those jewels aren't going to arrange themselves.
Lyn: Exactly. Now shoo.
notes: you are delaying my new high score

Hopefully you have heard of Bejeweled; otherwise the last panel makes little to no sense.

I know people who want an iPad for the same reason as Lyn, and it seems logical. But what I'm saying is this: If you buy an iPad for reading purposes, there's a good chance you won't get a whole lot of reading done. The multitude of features will distract from your initial goal, much like when you got Internet in your home to research colleges and scholarships, but realized there is porn.

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