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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Turns out butter is good for you

Syd: Did you hear? Chocolate is healthy now!
Tim: Chocolate? Are you sure?

Syd: I read it somewhere and it makes me happy, so it's true.
Tim: Yeah? I read somewhere that butter is good for you too.
(Fatty dashes in, shirtless, holding two sticks of butter.)

(Fatty eats one stick of butter while rubbing the other on his bald head.)

(Tim shows Fatty newspaper.)
headline: Butter still killing everyone.
(Fatty drops arms, frowning, with butter still in mouth and on head.)

Why is he shirtless? Why would he rub butter on his head? Where did that newspaper come from? Today, we ask the important questions.

Answer #1: He didn't start shirtless. But he heard great news, and he is a man of passion.

Answer #2: Try it. You will know.

We're out of time.

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