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Monday, October 25, 2010

The ultimate hip-hop DJ battle, pt. 1

Stu: Aight let's do this. You hip-hop heads are in fo a treat, fo real. You bout to witness a most epic battle on the wheels of steel.
Stu: Y'all know our defending champ from the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and the Beastie Boys...


Stu: That's right, legends son! This the true hip-hop up in here.
Stu: Now the challenger for tonight...

Stu: MIX... MASTER... hold up I don't see no name...
Scrapper: That IS his name, fool!
Thrust: I look so stupid I'm gonna jump in front of a truck.

Hip-hop turntablism and a corny Transformers pun? We've officially graduated to high art here. Or something. Anyway, I've been selling my Transformers on eBay, and here we are. You get bonus nerd points if you understand the last line, which hopefully saves the strip. Suicidally emo Decepticon conehead jets? Who knew?

Color makes a strip take a lot longer, so I'll use it when it seems essential for the visuals to make sense. In this case, I can see how it'd be pretty confusing in black and white, but the classic Constructicon green'n'purple should be immediately recognizable by all decent modern folks.

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