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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The force is weak with this one, pt. 2

Rob: As you know, I am a man of ideals.
Tim: An idea man, eh?
Rob: ... Ideals.

Tim: Ah. So you're an... ideal man? Wait, that sounds wrong in more ways than one.
Rob and Tim in unison: Idealistic.
Rob: There we go. Moving on, if I may.
Rob: It seems as though having kids would force me to compromise these values.
Tim: Example me.

Rob: Non-consumerism... owning what I need and little else... minimizing my contribution to pollution, waste and overpopulation... using extra money to help the needy rather than just spoiling myself and loved ones... choosing what's right over what's common and convenient...
Rob: Basically I want to ensure my life has a net positive effect on the world.

Tim: Oh I get it. You're afraid it'll be unsafe for kids, way up on that horse of yours.
Rob: It's no place for children.

It's hard to do right when your money's tied up in diapers and college funds.

Secretly, this whole comic strip facade is a ploy, its goal being the injection of phrases like "Example me." into the parlance of our times.

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