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Friday, June 15, 2012

You have offended my idiotic sensibility

critic: You shouldn't joke about that.
Rob: Because...?
critic: It's insensitive and offensive.
Rob: You sound retarded.

Rob: Firstly, only a fresh fool takes comedy at face value.
critic: (fresh fool...?)
Rob: Making light of a thing isn't necessarily disrespectful or dismissive.

Rob: Quite the contrary. Comedy alleviates the tension and mood-killing grimness that accompany discussion of unpleasant topics.
Rob: It allows us to share feelings and exchange ideas without spiraling into collective depression.

Rob: So we can more easily address the darker parts of life: murder... rape... disease...
critic: Your face?
Rob: ... My face, yes. Well done.

Always nice to know you got through to someone.

With comedy we can laugh about the really terrible things: war, torture, racism, religion, pop culture...

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