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Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you...

... without some strong lines to laugh to?

It's been a while, but I have excuses.

Mid 2012
I quit my job to co-found a startup company, with no intention of taking a break from I Love Stupid. I assumed naively that I could juggle the two.

Late 2012
We were working without pay, so we needed to get some funding or call it quits. Comic production slowed so I could focus on our last-ditch effort to impress investors.

Early 2013
We got into a startup accelerator in New York City, which meant three more months to find investors. I didn't plan on doing comics, assuming all my time would be spent working or exploring the city while I had the chance.

Mid/Late 2013
We got our funding and decided to stay in New York a while longer. At this point I did plan to get back into comics, but my work days remained long and exhausting. By the time I got home each day I just felt the need to relax or get to bed.

I'm still working crazy hours, but I don't think any amount of work is a valid excuse for going a year without a new strip. I'm pretty disappointed by that, but it's also motivated me to start back up.

Our Startup
Oh yeah, our company is called HealthyOut, and we're trying to take the pain out of healthy eating. If that's your thing or the thing of someone you know, you should check it out. We currently have healthy restaurant food search apps for iPhone and Android, as well as a separate delivery service on the Web.

What Now?
It's time to be creative again. I plan to resume my old regular-or-so comic updates, effective immediately. If you've stuck around all this time, I thank you for your loyalty and patience. Now let's get back to what's really important, like jokes about toilets.

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