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Monday, January 21, 2008

The trouble with deadlines

Tim: NICE DRAWINGS, haha.  What is that, crayon, kindergarten style?

Rob: In my haste, I found myself lacking time to buy new art supplies.

Tim: What?  Uh... I was just joking, my friend.

Rob: Yeah I know, me too.  Heh.  Obviously.

Tim: Oh okay.  'Cause that'd be ridiculous... and fully slapworthy.
Rob: Seriously.

Tim: All right, keep it up man.  Later.

Tim: Hm?

This second strip pokes yet more fun at the first, concerning my self-enforced deadline predicament. I don't know how clear it was, but I actually did use a crayon to color that strip (well... digitally, in Painter). I originally intended it to be a lot more sloppy and goofy looking, like Calvin's self-portraits. But at some point I forgot the plan, and for the most part actually colored between the lines.

In summary, crayons are for kids. Yes, I know... I'm sure there are artists out there who can create beautifully detailed and sophisticated works with them. But I am not counted among them. And so, I shall continue to ridicule the fat-tipped wax sticks and all the dullards who dare use them... yes, toddlers, that means you.

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