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Monday, December 31, 2007

My first webcomic

narration: Early 2007
Rob: That's it!  I WILL get my webcomic up this year!
Tim: Nice.

narration: Mid-2007
Tim: How's the comic coming along?
Rob: I like to draw but I like to procrastinate more!

narration: December 2007
Rob: I AM A FOOL!  How could I leave it all til now?!
Tim: TRUE.

narration: NYE 2007
Rob: I still have to do my comic!
Tim: Let's go to a party.
Rob: Okay!

So here begins I Love Stupid TM. This first strip is most definitely based on a true story. Sick of my lack of self-motivation and discipline, I set myself a deadline--the end of the year--to get my webcomic up and running. At least technically. I always suspected I would have one, and only one, strip done in time. Due to various distractions and procrastinations, I found myself in a last-days semi-panic to draw something... anything... and upload it before the calendar struck 2008. I decided in favor of accomplishing my goal, in name at least, over artistic merit of any kind. I found my own circumstances amusing, and that conveniently became a joke for the strip. Oh and don't worry, the art probably won't always look like this. Well... we'll see how much time I have.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

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