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Friday, April 10, 2009

He who slows my download..., pt. 14: cryptic bloggers

Ned: Blogger Type D: Cryptic Bloggers.
Ned: These are perhaps the worst of all.  Rather than write what's on their minds, they use cheap tricks to beg for follow-up questions...

Ned: ... such as enigmatic teasers...
cryptic blogger (Riddler): Wow.  QUITE the eventful weekend.  All I can say is... RIDICULOUS.

Ned: ... or vague passive-aggressiveness
riot officer: Huh?  What happened?
cryptic blogger (Riddler): Mood: disappointed.  I thought we were friends.

riot officer: You've only informed me of one new thing.
riot officer: That I HATE you.

I considered drawing Michael Cretu as the blogger but I doubt anyone would have gotten the joke.

Something crazy happened while I was making this strip. Oh man. It was BONKS.

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