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Monday, October 27, 2008

Give Peace and Freedom (et al.) a chance

Tim: So.  Next president.  Go.
Rob: My druthers notwithstanding, I pretty much have to vote for Obama.
Tim: Why's that?

Rob: Because McCain... MUST.  NOT.  WIN.

Rob: See, all my friends swear they're moving to Canada if he does.

Rob: Which would leave me somewhat lonesome... ... or...

This strip started out as a critique of our two-party system's limiting effect on true voting freedom... and ended up poking fun at obsolete Canadian stereotypes. Naturally.

To clarify further...

* I'm not taking sides here; Mentally switch McCain and Obama's names around, should that keep your blood pressure in check.

* For you cave dwellers and my international fanbase, the red rectangles on the left are NetFlix envelopes. To the uninitiated: Understand that a long NetFlix queue is one of the few things that might make a life of utter solitude tolerable. And even under normal circumstances, the constant delivery of database-recommended entertainment may distract you from such trifles as creative work (read: webcomic production) or human interaction. My account is now on hold, with not a hint of regret.

* The right side is what springs to mind when I think of Canada: the maple leaf flag, hockey, moose and Mounties (yes, old-timers, that's Dudley Do-Right). I thought I'd throw in a celebrity for bonus pop culture fun, and settled on Canadian-American Jim Carrey. I'm actually a fan (esp. for Man On The Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) but I had to come up with one of his more obnoxious roles-- The Mask--for Rob's Canadian nightmare.

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