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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warning: target audience raised on MTV

Tim: You should check out this video.
Stu: Aight.  Oh what up Leo D.  And... and... like whoa wit da mad famous figgaz.
Laptop: Please, just... don't vote.  Don't vote.  Don't vote.  Don't vote.  No seriously, don't.

Stu: Coo.  Well, I gots to bizounce right about now.
Laptop: You don't care.  What's the point?  Don't.  Don't vote.  Don't vote, really.

Tim: Hold on, you have to watch it to the end.
Stu: Don't trip, I got the idea, like 10-4, over and I'm out.  Peace!
Tim: Halle was gonna turn it around...
Laptop: This is one of the biggest...
notes: Rude, dude.  Learn how to stand up.

Tim: Oops.  Hey directors, here's a nutty idea: How about make your point before everyone gets bored and leaves the room?

To understand this strip you almost definitely need to have seen the actual "Don't Vote" video. If you haven't, hopefully it's still viewable somewhere. Otherwise, supply your own explanation. And make sure it's funny.

I can appreciate what they were trying to do:

(a) get your attention with celebrities and a surprising message,

(b) use a LOT of recognizable faces to attain modern-day credibility, such as it is, and

(c) EVENTUALLY get to the point and encourage viewers to register and hit the ballots.

I just thought it seemed way, WAY too long before they did so, especially considering the attention spans we've got these days. This approach seems to me to have sky-high backfire potential.

Also, this strip introduces Stu. He will be fun to write for because he constantly spouts hip hop lingo, current and otherwise, and if you're lucky just might spontaneously bust a rhyme. Seriously. Stay tuned. Word up.

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