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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Grandpa grinding on grandma = gross

Old man: Same-sex?  Hmph!  I find it DISGUSTING.  That's not what marriage is about.
Tim: Ohhhh...  I think I see your logic...
notes: despite bowtie not gay

Tim: Then FORGET about gay sex.  The REAL nastiness is OLD sex... rearing its crusty, aged head across our good nation!
notes: yeah thanks for nightmares Viagra

Tim: NO ONE wants THAT foul image spoiling marriage's good name.  Let's make divorce mandatory at 50!  Right?!  Yeah!!!
Old man: Uh...

Old man: Are you... MOCKING me?
Tim: PROBABLY.  blehhh!

November 4. Election day is here at last. Besides the fight for the White House that the whole world is (or probably should be) watching, the big voting issue here in California seems to be Prop 8.

Proposition 8 bans gay marriage. I'm sure some people have arguments for Prop 8 with some level of intelligent reasoning behind them. I can understand concerns regarding the presence of both gender role models at home, or the possibility of discrimination against gay-adopted children. (Followed by plenty of counter-arguments citing single-parent homes, the inter-racial marriage parallel, and heterosexual marriage's lamentable domestic track record of late.) But whenever I've overheard someone speak against gay marriage, it's indicated one or both of the following:

(a) The speaker feels that if something isn't their preference, it shouldn't be legal for anyone. "... with freedom and justice for all... if you're just like me!"

(b) The speaker's religious beliefs oppose gay marriage, and he still hasn't wrapped his head around that tricky separation of church and state concept.

Anyhow, today's strip pokes some goofy fun at both. Some other ideas for Tim's joke signs were "Keep it in your pants, gramps!" and the maybe-too-vague, maybe-too-far "Dentures back in, granny!"

At the time of this writing, it seems Barack Obama will be our new President. We've heard a lot of hype about change, so I hope to see some follow-through. Universal health care, fix for the economic crisis, anti-terrorism... that's all probably pointless wishing. Let's see a 30-hour work week... and big ol' tax breaks for webcomic artists. =D

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