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Saturday, November 22, 2008

More well-formed opinions on Prop 8

Old man: 8 passed?  Good!  I don't wanna see two fellas kissin'!
Tim: Okayyy.  That... is NOT what the vote was about.

Tim: Hm, unless you go to a gay wedding.  But that'd still be your choice.  And it doesn't sound like you'd be invited.
Old man: zzzzzzzz...

Woman: What's next, we gonna let people marry their dogs?
Tim: Haha, right... Okay, you're not joking.  Wow... really?  WOW.

Little girl: Mommy said we don't wike wainbows.
Tim: That's... VERY SAD.

Prop 8 was passed by California voters. There have been protests, petitions, and appeals to the state Supreme Court to overturn the decision. And much ballyhoo over the Mormon church's sizeable contribution to the cause.

Anyway, I continue to overhear some mockable-at-best comments on the issue. Here I've highlighted a couple. Bestial nuptials (for tax benefits and... whatnot) seems like a particularly broad leap in reasoning. If we allow the sexual-orientation minority to marry, cross-species weddings are around the corner? Yeah... obviously.

This should be it for the political theme for a while (or at least til the next big thing happens). Don't worry, I'll find other ways to alienate potential readers. It's nice to know that following the news will always give me material to work with. In my unconcerned youth, the newspaper was just a regularly-delivered comics page, padded heavily with trifles that only serve to get ink on your fingertips.

Does the last panel remind anyone else of Shel Silverstein ? Sidewalk touching what I guess is sky... maybe it's just me. Who likes backgrounds anyway.

Important note to those who, like me, consider the myriad explanations for why people do the things they do. Tim is not a pedophile... I'm not sure where he got the lollipop, but he wasn't carrying it around to ensnare some unwitting sweet-toothed youth. For this strip, just imagine it's still okay to offer a strange child candy as a kindly gesture.

And yes, the old man's button came loose as he fell asleep. These things happen. Apparently.

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