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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Look who's treatin' to a free meal

Rob: On random occasions I offer to pick up the check after a meal. I've observed that this gesture is never reciprocated.
Ned: You use coupons and gift certificates.
Rob: That's just some of the time. And those still cost money.
Ned: Fine. Just some of the time you are an old woman.

Ned: People don't have to be into all the same things to be friends.
Rob: ... That's true.
Rob: ...
Rob: What does that have to do with -
Ned: OBVIOUSLY your dining partners aren't as into being a chump as you.

Maybe they don't have as much money as you. Or maybe they're just takers. Also known as winners. Or maybe they still revel in the presence of a calculator on their phone.

This strip's title doesn't completely make sense, but when I remembered the Rounders quote I couldn't resist.

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