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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ex-infected-Men, pt. 1

Rob: So they can get HIV to mutate itself to death, but they're worried about accidental DNA mutation.  Hm...

doctor: Scott, your results came back negative.  There's no trace of the virus in your system!

Scott: That's GREAT!!!

Scott: WTF?!  Haha that was awesome!

Scott: But what have I done...
Scott: ... she was hot!
Scott: NOOOOOOO!!!
notes: dude that pose is girls only

There's a drug that promotes mutation, which may be a partial cure for HIV. Experiments have accelerated the virus's mutation until it stops functioning in some patients.

Sounds good. I like the outside-the-box approach. But apparently there is concern over potential mutation of the patient's own DNA. So we might be kiling a virus and creating mutant people.

When I hear "mutant" I think X-Men (and, yes, ninja turtles). I'm not sure real-life mutants would have special powers like in the comic books... but it's more fun to think about--and draw--than oh look my eyes are a different color now, that's NUTSO.

There's an important moral here, and I think you know what it is: When you get your mutant powers, do not use them to kill hot female doctors. You will soon regret it, and most certainly be branded a super-villain. They might just stop curing people altogether.

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