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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did you get my email about hello?, pt. 2

employee email subject: hey
employee email: here's that pwrpt presentatoin u askd 4
employee email: lemme no if u need nething else
employee email: kthx

boss: What the... Who keeps hiring these imbeciles?!
notes: for a fat guy you're not very jolly

boss email subject: RE: hey
boss email: This email showcases a lack of professional communication skills, organizational sensibility, and a grasp of the English language.  This falls far short of our corporate standards.
boss email: To put this in terms you can understand:
boss email: u r fired
boss email: kthx

coworker 1: L8R LOLZ
coworker 2: XD
coworker 3: BRB? JK ROFL
employee: =...[

The last strip got me wondering whether the people who write these ultra-informal emails use the same shortcuts at their jobs. That would actually be pretty funny. Well, maybe not to everyone.

In school one of my required courses was technical communication, which included formatting and etiquette for business emails, resumes, cover letters, etc. I thought I'd gained a good amount of practically useful information. When I started working at an office, it quickly became clear that no one else had taken such a class. Disappointment rocked me from all directions.

A couple strips back I mentioned that I do not steal material. However, I do sometimes make homage-references in the titles and side notes that I hope at least some of my readers will recognize and appreciate. I like the idea of unspoken understandings, but to avoid the appearance of my taking credit for them, I'll credit the original sources.

(The side note in panel 2 is a Seinfeld quote.)

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