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Monday, February 9, 2009

Did you get my email about hello?, pt. 1

Rob: Nice, gmail.  Well done indeed.
Lyn: What's so great about gmail?
Rob: They just added offline access.  But everyone will offer that soon enough.  I mainly like how it groups together replies to the same conversation.
Lyn: Oh... that makes sense.
Rob: Yeah, it reduces inbox clutter and it's easier to find old messages.  Check it out.

Tim .. Stu, Lyn (1897): hey
Stu, Tim (958): yo
scumbag: acai berry antioxidants
i lik comix (3): suk
Tim, Stu (679): what's up
Tim .. Dan, Lyn (262): LOL
Dan, Tim (187): dude
Lyn .. Syd, Tim (611): haha
Dan, Tim (42): mannn...
Ned: hello

Lyn: It'd be even easier if your friends knew the difference between subject and greeting.
Rob: sigh... yeah.  Illogical people ruin everything.

Some people just don't get what email subject lines are about. Or maybe their lives are so frantically hectic they can't spare the two seconds of thought required to make them meaningful. Or maybe they're just not cursed with organizational OCD. Hard to say.

When I first learned about Gmail's approach to email organization, I liked the idea but wondered how accurate the threading would be. I whimsically envisioned the scenario shown here, in which commonly repeated subject lines result in monstrous threads of communicative chaos. I'm pretty sure Google has a better handle on things though, and do not allow this. They're pretty good at sorting through words and such.

A subtle easily-missable joke is that Ned's email is the only one Rob has read but never responded to.

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