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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You're saying it wrong: anise

Rob: What's your least favorite flavor?
Anise Hater: I can't STAND anise.
Rob: A niece...?
Rob: I think you misheard me.
Rob: Or belong in jail.

Rob: Oh are you trying to say anise?
Anise Hater: An... iss?
Rob: Anise. Rhymes with Janice. When said correctly.
Anise Hater: I don't care.

Rob: Witness what happens when the ignorami "learn" by mimicking each other.
Anise Hater: Paper cranes?
Rob: Exactly.

Rob: Am I the only one who still appreciates a good dictio'?
Anise Hater: Okay I hope I misheard you that time.

"I can't wait to see the new dictio'. I'm gonna learn so much!"

I often think to myself what Rob says in the third panel. On this occasion my mind improvised the abbreviation of dictionary, I realized its unfortunateness, laughed to myself, and this script was born.

While doing my comic writing research, I learned that black liquorice is actually dangerous enough to eat that the FDA came up with recommended intake limits. I also learned about that fancy spelling of licorice I just used.

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