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Friday, March 6, 2009

He who slows my download..., pt. 5: webcam girls

Ned: And then... there's the webcam girls.  Without the Web they'd have to perform in public to get the attention they so crave and to continue arousing parental dismay... among other things.

Ned: They would evoke a reaction but accomplish nothing.  Business as usual.
lady: Aren't you gonna do something?
officer: Why?!  Best.  Riot.  Ever.
lady: Ugh.  You're such a pig.
officer: Heh, look who's talking.

The next group of Web-dependents: Webcam girls.

Ah, Webcam girls. They dance and pose, en_trance_ sans clothes.

When Ned says they accomplish nothing, he's referring to the fight against the hypothetical Internet-limiting/banning law. As well as their lives in general. But actually I wouldn't be shocked to find out these girls make decent money doing what they do. Such is the reward system of our world.

I get the feeling my comic would be more popular if the girls in the top panel were my main characters. Especially if their attire never changed.

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