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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He who slows my download..., pt. 4: spammers

Ned: Next up: spammers... who would have to find legitimate work...
notes: checking messages

Ned: or... adapt...
phone guy: Wha... keep WHO satisfied?  Who ARE you?!

spammer: A guy offering you sweet dong upgrades, THAT'S who.
spammer: Okay I get paid to annoy as many total strangers as possible.
notes: crunch

Ned: ... and finally get what they deserve.
notes: former web forum admins (pointing at Blanka, phone guy)

The next group of Web-dependents: spammers, who spread their unwelcome solicitations via email and Web bulletin boards.

I wonder if any of them think twice and realize their role in life has become making everyone else's life worse. Telemarketers have to address you directly and risk getting cussed out. Meter maids are arguably performing a public service. But spam distributors are like mosquitos, serving no purpose beyond irritation.

I don't even know if people are directly involved. Is it all automated... by "spambots"? Well, however it works, the spam system has earned my hate.

If any of the penis enlargement pills actually worked... that would be a different story.

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