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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friend is such a strong word, pt. 2

Rob: Remember when friends would call each other to catch up?
Tim: Yes, I do...
Tim: I do remember girls doing that.

Rob: Fine, how about personal email. Back before inboxes were just where you get your deals on clothes.
Tim: Man, you used to write some epics.
Rob: I strove to both inform and entertain.
Tim: Where was "tl;dr" when we needed it?

Rob: Anyway. You don't see that effort anymore. Everyone just logs into Facebook and responds to whatever shows up on their home page.
Tim: One-stop shopping for social interaction. Convenient, eh?

Tim: What's next, you gonna whine that no one's sent you a letter in years?
Rob: No, I'd just prefer not to spend my whole life on Facebook.
Tim: Well, SOME friend YOU turned out to be.

Avoiding Facebook is like being invited to a party where all your friends are and not showing up. You will be out of the loop, with no one to blame but yourself. Also, you will dodge an avalanche of heartbreakingly uninteresting small talk.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

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