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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friend is such a strong word, pt. 1

Rob: I tried something.
Tim: Uh-oh.

Rob: I made my birthday private on Facebook.
Tim: To see if your so-called friends would remember.
Rob: Precisely.
Tim: And when that special day came?
Rob: Profound digital silence.

Tim: Eh, no big deal. You just confirmed what you already knew: You're not Mr. Popular.
Rob: Yeah...
Tim: Mostly forgettable. Generally unloved.
Ned: Unlovable.
Rob: Oh good, Ned is chiming in.

Rob: I don't know why I tell you guys things.
Ned: Because you have no one else.
Ned: It's like you were just told but still fail to comprehend.
Tim: Now it's kinda sad.

They should be called "Facebook acquaintances"... and even then some wouldn't qualify.

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