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Friday, April 3, 2009

He who slows my download..., pt. 12: love life bloggers

Ned: Blogger Type B: Love Life Exhibitionists.
Ned: These sappy lovebirds never tire of describing their romantic relationships.

love blogger: I have the best boyfriend in the world!  Here's a pic of us together.  Isn't he the cutest?!

riot officer: Oh you two are ADORABLE.  I could just eat you both up.
love blogger: We just got off the phone and I miss him already!!  I just want to hug and kiss him forever!!!

riot officer: I'M happy for you.
riot officer: But I'm pretty sure you're making EVERYONE ELSE SICK.

Like any story, someone else's relationship is only interesting when there's conflict involved, preferably with fight scenes. And maybe a murder mystery.

When all's well and giddy... that's when I reach for the remote.

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