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Monday, February 21, 2011

A stall man, pt. 1

Tim: Why use a stall, when there exists a device specifically designed for our urinary needs?
Stu: Privacy, son.

Stu: I ain't even tryin' to have random dudes sneakin' peeks at my goods. That's a sight reserved for a select few, feel me?

Tim: People with microscopes?

Stu: Maybe, if yo mama's a scientist. All studying elephatitis of the dong.
Tim: That's completely frightening.

When anyone insults Stu, he instinctively switches to emcee battle mode: His wit quickens. His vocabulary makes like a blowfish.

In this case the actual word is elephantiasis, but in the battle circle that's no help when you just clowned on your opponent's bone or gum problems and need a rhyme. Alas, Stu's not one to double-check with Webster. Only nerds will notice anyway.

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