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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A stall man, pt. 3

Weirdo: You know what's real awkward? When you're at the urinal and you can tell the next guy has to go real bad.
Weirdo: But you can't go because you know he's watching and waiting.
notes: even Tyler Durden had this problem

Weirdo: Then he gets all impatient and starts talkin' to you.
Weirdo: All "Lemme massage your neck loosen you up maybe that'll help."
Weirdo: All "I can be a friend to you."
Weirdo: All offering you money.

Weird, right? But at least you end up with some extra cash. Helps pay the therapy bills.

Ah, Shawshank. You forever changed the meaning of the word "friend."

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