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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A new meaning for the term flip phone

Tim: You probably shouldn't mess with your phone while walking stairs.
Ned: Why wouldn't I? Some of us have things to do.

Tim: Scenario: You stumble. Does survival instinct take over, unburdening your hands in order to protect your mortal shell... or has your consumer instinct evolved enough to make your pricey gadget the priority.
Ned: Firstly, I do not stumble. Such foolery is a child's domain.

Ned: Second, you present a false dilemma. With my superior reflexes and a little parkour, I would retain safe possession of my phone and land completely unharmed.
Ned: Maybe send a text or two on the way down.

Tim: Wow. I kinda want to see that now.
Ned: Observe.

I go up and down stairs every day, so I've often pondered Tim's posed scenario.

The comic concept started as the simple sight gag in panel four, but then the dialogue evolved and now it's another wordy one.

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