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Saturday, August 20, 2011

The force is weak with this one, pt. 4

Rob: I'd also be giving up some of my most savored joys in life.
Tim: You can have a kid and still eat the dessert in your frozen dinner.

Rob: A good night's sleep... quiet time to myself... freedom from budgeting...
Rob: Generally, the right and ability to go wherever and do whatever I please... to live life the way I feel it should be lived.
Tim: You can have a kid and still sit at your computer all day long.

Rob: I'm just afraid parenthood would force me grudgingly into a world of banal group activities, social obligations, and a feeble interparental camaraderie born purely of boredom and circumstance.

Tim: I bet when it's your kid, you see things differently and all that stuff becomes enjoyable.
Rob: Conceivable
Rob: But if not... those are eighteen long years of "oops."

Speaking of social obligations, "Boredom and Circumstance" would be a more fitting song for graduation ceremonies.

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