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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The effects of sleep debt

title: The Effects of Sleep Debt

narration: 1 hour: A bit tired. Not so bad.

narration: 2 hours: Tired. Slightly grouchy.

narration: 3 hours: Lacking normal level of mental focus.

narration: 4 hours: Struggling to keep eyes open.

narration: 5 hours: Micronaps inevitable, probably while driving.

narration: 6 hours: Want to kill everyone, but too tired.

narration: 7 hours: Want to kill self, maybe too tired.

narration: 8 hours: Only reason still awake = explosive diarrhea.
notes: make it stop

Based on scientific research. Sample size: small.

Maybe I should just give in and become a caffeine addict like normal people.

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