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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The truth about Heartbleed, pt. 1

Syd: I keep getting emails from websites about this heartbreak thing. Can you tell me what they mean?
Rob: Heartbleed. Sure.
Syd: Wait but talk in normal people language.
Rob: ... I shall attempt to sound human.

Rob: Imagine we all wrote our secrets down on paper. Then we all trusted the same guy to store them, in his giant shed that has a great big lock on the door.
Syd: Okay...
Rob: It turns out he forgot to lock the door one day.
Syd: Uh-oh.
Rob: Annnd didn't realize it for two years.

Oversimplified for Syd's sake, but the point remains: We all assumed "https" meant our data was secure, but it turns out no.

You only say "great big" when telling stories to children.

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