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Monday, June 16, 2014

Choose a weather-appropriate haircut, pt. 1

Lyn: I'm really not looking forward to the summer heat.
Rob: We can wallow in dread. Or we can optimize that which we control.

Rob: Example: What is the optimal hair length?
Rob: Short hair maximizes breeze sensation and allows one to splash one's head with cold water at any time without significant alteration to appearance.

Rob: Long hair can be wet for long-lasting evaporative cooling.
Rob: It also serves as insulation, but is that good or bad?

Rob: And the how much does it depend on hair color?
Lyn: Is this seriously how your mind works?
Rob: Further research is warranted.

This is seriously how my mind works.

Is Rob's last statement answering Lyn's question, or continuing his train of thought? Who's to say.

Further research has been done: http://www.sonic.net/~cdlcruz/GPCC/library/hairlength.htm.

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