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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Solving the problem of smartphones in social situations, pt. 3

strip caption: The Pitch, Step 3: Present your solution

narration: Introducing LikeAlert.
narration: Our revolutionary app automates the tedious task of looking at your friends, letting you stay focused on the things that matter.
you: (staring at phone, bored)
friend: (staring at phone, bored)

narration: Using your smartphone camera, our facial recognition technology distinguishes between a bored face and an emotional reaction.
bored face caption: state: bored, analysis: offers no value, alert: none
happy face caption: state: happy, analysis: found something good, alert: request share
sad face caption: state: sad, analysis: downer, may need help, alert: excuse yourself

narration: The app runs in the background and alerts you if your friends have something worth sharing. If not, your eyes stay on your screen where they belong.
friend: (staring at phone, smiling)
your phone: boop
you: (thinking) ah
you: (thinking) something new
you: (thinking) I was about to leave

narration: LikeAlert.
narration: Maximize your life.
you: (thinking) no alerts in a while
you: (thinking) he must be bored too

Sure, the sad face might be important news about a celebrity death you should know about. But your friend also might be thinking back on their dead dog or grandparent, and you don't want to take that gamble.

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