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Monday, April 24, 2017

Solving the problem of smartphones in social situations, pt. 2

strip caption: The Pitch, Step 2: Identify the pain point

narration: Occasionally you do glance up to check on your friends.
you: (thinking) ah
you: (thinking) he looks happy
you: (thinking) good

narration: After all, if they found something better than you did, you need to know about it!
you: (thinking) y u smile?
you: (thinking) share pls

narration: But usually the glance yields nothing of value. You've looked away from your phone for nothing!
you: (thinking) ah
you: (thinking) blank stare
you: (thinking) as always

narration: Those glances add up! You're being robbed of your most precious asset, time, which is best spent browsing feeds, not looking at friends' worthless faces.
you: (thinking) why do i bother

If this so-called friend isn't sending you memes and cat videos, do you really want them in your life anyway?

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