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Monday, April 17, 2017

Solving the problem of smartphones in social situations, pt. 1

strip caption: The Pitch, Step 1: Set a familiar scene

narration: Smartphones have truly disrupted social interaction. Whether you're with a friend...
you: (texting other friend)
you: (because don't be rude to friends)
friend: (reading the news)
friend: (because what better time)

narration: Or significant other...
you: (posting couple selfie just taken)
you: (because everyone look how happy they acted)
significant other: browsing dating profiles
significant other: because they need to talk but he looks busy

narration: Or even a child...
you: (sleeping with eyes open)
you: (because it's fine he's playing with the babysitter)
child: (emailing social services)
child: (because the babysitter doesn't hug back)
narration: We're more connected than ever before.

Actually, the kid wouldn't know any better. Historians have naively omitted the fact of conversation, deeming it banal.

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