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Monday, August 22, 2016

What your kids are learning from Pokemon Go

Dad: Can you explain your game to me? What is a pokemon?
Son: They're cute little animals- see? There are lots of different kinds!
Dad: Aww, that is cute.

Son: And they're everywhere! When you find one, you throw a poke ball at it. See, like this!
Dad: Are you giving it food?
Son: No, I'm gonna catch it!

Dad: You... trap cute animals in tiny balls.
Son: Yup! See, now it's trying to get out, haha. No use, you're mine now! Hope you liked freedom while it lasted!
Son: It shows stars when their spirit is crushed. That's my favorite!

Dad: ... Okay, then what? Do you take them to a zoo?
Son: Noooo. We make 'em fight, stupid!
Dad: Give me your phone.

It's the subjugation, daddy. The subjugation is my faaavorite.

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