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Friday, January 30, 2009

Texting & driving, pt. 1

Rex: Hey officer, what's your beef?  I didn't DO anything!
notes: greetings with beef are ill-advised
officer: No texting while driving.  It's a new law this year.

Rex: NAH man, I wasn't texting.  Just playing this GAME... see, you do the thing, with the bubbles...
notes: wow learn to talk

officer: Oh.  Well I guess you're free to go then.  Drive carefully.
Rex: YOU be careful.

notes: new high score

notes: totally worth it

In California...

For some time now it's been illegal to talk on a mobile phone while driving without a hands-free headset. Starting this year, the ban is expanded to prohibit sending text messages while driving.

These days there are plenty of things you can do on your phone that are at least as distracting as talking or texting. It's a special case that can't talk without looking, and advanced texters can type by feel. But then there are games. Games that people get way too involved in. Games that demand full concentration. Games that might, as in this case, blow you up.

(The technical loophole here is based only on the terms of the new law as it's been commonly publicized: "no texting while driving" and the like. I don't know the actual details, and maybe gaming is actually banned too. In fact it probably is, if the people in charge are any good at making laws at all.)

This strip introduces my first side character: Rex. He's the blue-haired driver, and the explosion didn't kill him. Since I plan to have him appear again from time to time, his survival is purely a matter of convenience.

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