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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When ASIMOs attack

ASIMO: Welcome.
demo guy: Greetings.
* translated from Japanese

demo guy: WHY?!
demo guy: sniff.. we used to be pals.
notes: yes he thought "sniff" to himself

Maybe I've seen too many martial arts movies, but when I saw Honda's ASIMO robot bow to greet the demo guy, I couldn't help but notice the clenching of fists immediately after. Bowing and fist-making? In my experience that means we're about to see a brawl.

Even if ASIMO wasn't looking to throw down, I think we can all agree it'd be fun to have remote control of one (like the mischievous joysticking scientist pictured here). And that power would inevitably be abused with regrettable repercussions in the form of busted bones.

When technology permits it, you know the designers are gonna test out some martial arts moves. After all, they are nerds.

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