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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ned: a picture of generosity

Ned: The truth is I'm a great philanthropist.
Tim: Do tell.

Ned: As an extremely generous person, I want to give as much as I can.
Ned: And as a non-idiot, I know how to earn interest that far outpaces inflation.
Ned: To maximize the value of contribution, I invest my money such that I may donate significantly more later.

Tim: In short, you'll give once your ever-increasing wealth reaches its infinitely distant peak.
Ned: My decision is made for me by the power of compound interest.
Ned: For the sake of others, I patiently, selflessly, continue to save.

Tim: Right. Unrelated question: Don't you drive a luxury-brand car?
Ned: Well, I'm not about to live like a peon.

If everyone follows suit, it might solve all the problems. Strangely, pyramids come to mind.

You too can make a difference. Just don't waste your money on superfluous trifles like cars, or jewelry, or family.

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