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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Life's big regrets

Rob: Scenario
Tim: Go.
Rob: The whole Rapture thing is real.
Tim: Heh.

Rob: The world's ended, but your self-awareness remains intact.
Tim: Nice.
Rob: Is there anything you regret not having done lately?

Tim: I always thought I should travel more, but haven't really made it happen...
Tim: Never having a kid of my own and knowing what that felt like...
Tim: Not telling everyone all the good things I thought about them...
Tim: How about you?

Rob: Oh.
Rob: I've... been meaning to watch Inception again. And The Dark Knight.
Tim: ...
Rob: I just keep putting it off.
Tim: Right.
Rob: I was, uh... thinking more short term.
Tim: Good talk.
notes: i did say lately how about listening

This is a real-life conversation I had (not verbatim, but pretty close), based on Harold Camping's recently failed prediction of Judgment Day come true.

I've only seen those movies once each; I think we can all agree that's no way to go out.

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