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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friend is such a strong word, pt. 6

Tim: So you've come to terms with being less important to your friends than cats on pianos?
Rob: I never said it bothered me.

Rob: A "happy birthday" on Facebook is like a thank-you note from a young child: essentially meaningless, since the sender only did so per instruction.
Rob: Between silence and forced compliments, I welcome the former.

Ned: Here's what you do: Write all these thoughts out in your little comic. That'll give your friends something to think about.
Tim: Yes, there's nothing like societal critique to endear oneself to others.

Rob: I somewhat doubt I would reach many friends by way of my comic.
Ned: You would reach zero friends and few others. The irony is irresistible.
Tim: You're still making comics?

Irresistible, I tell you.

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